The Age of the Cover Photo

You don’t have to work for a top marketing agency to know that our society has become  increasingly reliant on visual information when it comes to the web.  After all, if  a picture tells a thousand words than we can convey our messages in a space saving format that draws users in more effectively than mere words alone.  More social media outlets are catching on to the idea of offering a cover photo option so their users can send an encapsulated message about who they are.  With increasing levels of competition, it is a way to help a business stand out and highlight a unique visual asset.  In the field of professional website design, these header images have not only remained popular but they have  grown in size over the years.  Apple is an example of a company that uses over-sized images that fill the majority of the screen.


Facebook introduced the large cover photo for both private accounts and business pages.  The rule was that it not contain overtly promotional material and many cover photos were deleted because they were, supposedly, in violation of this.

Twitter introduced a cover photo option, which surprised some because it indicated a slight shift in how people used the platform.  The cover photo is not visible in the news feed so, in theory, it would only be seen by people who click on a profile to follow a user.

The Knot subsequently developed a cover photo for its vendors to add visually rich content to sell their business.  In this case, it helps consumers to have a better experience when searching for photographers, caterers, entertainment, etc.

Youtube is rolling out its new channel format to include a cover photo.  They have added the option to embed links onto the cover photo so it prominently features a businesses website, twitter, and facebook page.  In a model more like pinterest, the video thumbnails are listed in a row by category.

We’ll have to see if Pinterest or other platforms will follow suit modify its user account options in the future.


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