The Best Universities that Offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Classes?

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Get Certified by SEO College... Where is it really?

Ever since we replace the word “search” by “google” and often times suggest a solution to others by saying “just google it”, many of us starts to understand how much information Google stores and how powerful Google really is.

We also start to notice how search engine optimization (or SEO) generates leads and increases sales by driving relevant traffic to your website.

Google Panda came out once, twice, and slaughtered many who understood the power of Google and redistributed 90% of their entire marketing dollars to SEO.

Each of every and any Google’s moves can shut businesses down, can also make any businesses a million dollar overnight.

This kind of dominant power has made us re-think the importance of SEO. Some of us asks, SEO is vital to any business’s success. Did university start launching new programs that are dedicated to SEO learning and training? Which is the best university that offers SEO programs?

Undoubtedly, many colleges offer “online marketing degrees”. However, the web changes everyday, how much can a 4-year degree offer you up-to-date information and textbooks on SEO? Not to mention, Google can flip a switch to change their search algorithm again (like the Panda updates 1 & 2), textbook lecturing will go to waste.

Running business for the web has been regarded one of the most profitable industries. Yet, many hasn’t noticed how much web pages designers worried and stressed by Google.

Search engines have become a virtual world. It’s not a matter of how close your restaurant locates to the main road and how good the foods smells in downtown. It is a matter of how high you rank on Google and how many “likes” you have on Facebook page.

The web has changed us, changed our lifestyle. But, the web also needs us to provide our lifestyle to its many directories. That’s exactly what SEO regards as content, always. If you have an interesting lifestyle to share, that’s good content. If your good content can change others’ lifestyle, the web will need you.

Don’t be scared of the search engines. Be unique, be yourself, be a good virtual citizen by providing good quality interesting content to the web.

Success will come and you will be certified by the SEO College, most likely signed and congratulated by Google.

Best universities that offer the best SEO techniques? Hmmm, there is no such thing.


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