The Buzz on Facebook's Graph Search

The Buzz on Facebook’s Graph Search Tool

The new Facebook Graph Search Tool

By now you have probably heard of Facebook’s new search tool which is making lots of headlines, both positive and less than positive.  In this era of being quietly pushed towards sharing our every move, naturally, privacy concerns will arise.  The counterpart to this, however, is the increased demand for a customized online experience that helps us sift through information to show what is immediately relevant.  Professional website design has quickly adapted to make sure that their client’s sites are reaching the right market and that there is an easy way to share content.  Sharing content on facebook  supplies them with data about their users.  That data pool is the driving force behind the Graph Search results since they have a tremendous amount of information, and they have been researching the best ways to make that data into an asset that would improve user experience and yield more revenue.

Facebook’s Graph Search is essentially a way to receive information based on your network of friends.  Consumers are more likely to trust reviews or “likes” when they come from peers.   I could, theoretically search for “My friends who do web design in New York” or “NYC web designers who like Central Park.”  I would get a list based on check-ins, “likes,” and sponsored results.  The negatives really boil down to privacy and keeping a tight lid on your settings as well as the likelihood of false results.  Some people “like” things for the sake of irony and the reliability of the search results can be compromised.

As the Graph Search tool continues to be refined and is integrated onto the main site, website companies and marketing experts will, no doubt, learn how to maximize its potential to benefit their clients.  It remains to be seen how useful this tool will be for the average user.


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