The Perfect Web Design Client

The Perfect Web Design Client

The Perfect Web Design Client

As Skygate Media continues to grow and serve a broader range of industries, we have been speaking internally about what it means to be the perfect client for web design.  In the business of creating top websites designs it is crucial, in our experience, to have a collaborative process.  Whenever there is collaboration, it requires that both sides are prepared and clear with their goals and expectations.  The perfect client understands that for the period of time we work together, we are partners who want to bring out the best in each other.

Within each area of a website design and development company, there are different sets of characteristics that the perfect client would embody.  During the discovery phase, the team would hope for a client that is knowledgeable with regard to the history of their organization and how it has evolved, possess the ability to give a clear description of their operations, target market, financials as well as future business objectives.

During the design phase, the client should be able to select from one of the mock-ups provided with a list of any required modifications.  Communication is key since the client knows the volume of content which can greatly impact design and functionality.  We are fortunate enough to have some of the top website designers in the industry and when they are paired with the perfect client, the process is seamless with top notch results.  At the development phase, the perfect client can think in a linear fashion and provide succinct information that is easily plugged into the right channels.  Whether it is defense and aerospace web design or an international non-profit, organization of content is the most valuable client asset of all.

Skygate Media has had a number of these perfect clients over the years and we thank you for helping us do what we love.


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Many thanks. Many compliments from the people looking our new website. You’re the best.

Wayne M., Owner

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