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Don't Underestimate the Power of Video for Online Marketing

As a NY web design firm, we have already seen a dramatic rise for online marketing specialists and that will, no doubt, increase as our reliance on mobile devices continues to skyrocket.  As the future unfolds, it will become harder and harder to separate the individual from the web.  While it sounds like science fiction to describe it that way, Web 4.0 contains these elements which blur the lines between technology and people.  Since it is a medium that clearly has our attention, it is no surprise that businesses want to focus their time and advertising energy there as opposed to traditional media.  Research from online marketing agencies shows, beyond any doubt, that video is one of the most effective ways to deliver messages that stick with consumers.

According to StartupNation.com, 68% of people who watch online videos share them.  They added that the ability to retain visual information after a 72 hour period is 65% while it is just 10% for text.  Considering this, how can businesses produce compelling video worthy of organic sharing?  Many cell phones are now equipped with a 1080dp digital camera so the question is, how to make it work so it appeals to consumers.

For starters, learn from the best marketing companies and give your content a clear vision.  If the objective is to like your business on facebook, give consumers a reason and a specific call to action.  Secondly, be sure the message matches your brand.  And lastly, the top marketing firms recommend devoting resources to determining your target market.  This would not only include information about which groups do the most purchasing (that information is easy enough to learn), but who is likely to share videos and how to expand on that market.  Be sure the video fits with the group you are targeting to maximize your investment in production costs.


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Wilks Enterprise had a website packed full of dry technical information and it was difficult for the first time visitor to navigate. Skygate Media brought our look up to the 21st century and helped create a navigation platform that is much more user friendly. We are very pleased with the look, content and navigation of our new website.

Sandy R., CEO, Wilks Enterprise

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