The Truth About DNS Services


sample DNS Services letter

Recently, our firm received a number of phone calls from concerned clients referencing an invoice from DNS Services. Our guess is that nearly every professional website design firm receives these calls at some point due to the legitimate look and tone of the DNS “invoice” which causes clients to worry that they will somehow lose their domain and hosting if they do not pay. Our team guarantees that Skygate Media will never send an invoice this way and we take the protection of our clients’ websites very seriously.

For the clients who host with us, we keep their credit card information on file to make a regular charge. If the card expires, the project manager will call the client to let them know. We will never hire an outside service to bill our clients. If you host with another company, contact them to learn about steps you can take to protect your site as well as well as to determine when a correspondence is really a solicitation in disguise. Paying for top website designs is an investment that should come with protection.

DNS Services states at the bottom of the invoice that it is “a solicitation for the order of goods or services, or both and not a bill, invoice or statement or account due.” That text, however, is buried at the bottom of the account summary details section which makes it all the more misleading.  If you ever receive a questionable invoice related to hosting or domain registry, you should not hesitate to contact your website developer to ask if it is legitimate.  If you receive a letter from DNS Services, toss it right in the recycle bin.


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