Three Factors to Consider When Choosing an Ecommerce Gateway Provider

ecommerce gateway providerIf you have an online store as part of your business, you naturally know that web design and online marketing, like search engine optimization, are vital to its success, but you may be underestimating the importance of your ecommerce gateway provider. After all, they’re the ones who are providing your business with a way for monetary transactions to even happen.

Ecommerce gateway providers give businesses the chance to accept payments quickly and easily, while keeping their financial records and details secure. A good provider will help your business gain the trust of your customers, which will lead to higher customer retention rates and more customer satisfaction. They’re well worth the investment, but as they can be perhaps a bit costly, it’s important to be careful when selecting what provider to go with.

Here are some of the factors that you’ve got to consider when choosing an ecommerce gateway provider.

1. The Fees. 
The better providers simply cost more to use. When you first start, there are going to be signup fees, which can be problematic for a small business on a tight budget. There are providers that have no sign up fees, which can be a pretty big boon, but if you expect to sell high volumes of product through the Internet, then it may be worth the higher fee, considering you’ll get better services and be able to recoup that loss. What’s more, there are also transaction fees to consider. Often times, businesses feel the lower these transaction fees the better, so that they’re not tearing into profits too much. However, the better ecommerce gateway providers are the ones with higher transaction fees, so if you’re truly concerned about putting customers first, it might be better to opt for the sites with higher transaction fees as they’ll also have the better services.

2. Internationally Supported? 
Most small business don’t have to worry about whether or not their ecommerce gateway provider can support international currency or not. However, the Internet has made the world a small place, so you may find that having multiple currencies supported can bolster sales. If selling internationally isn’t too big of a concern for you, you’ll have more options available.

3. On-Site; Off-Site. 
Some ecommerce gateway providers will take customers off-site to finish their transactions, while others will keep them on your website throughout the whole process. If you’re worried about creating a seamless user experience, then the best option is to find an on-site provider. This will also help customers feel more secure with their transactions

Selecting the right ecommerce gateway provider can be a bit tricky, but it’s well worth the investment. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.


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