Web Design Glossary #3 Organic SEO and On-Page Optimization

Welcome to week 3 of our web design glossary blog posts.  This is designed to assist our clients (and other curious individuals) so they have an understanding of the terms and concepts that are necessary for creating top website designs.  An informed client makes for improved communication of goals, expectations and harmonious collaborations.

This week, we will share terms that are necessary components of professional website design: Organic SEO and On-Page Optimization.

Organic SEO: Contrary to how it sounds, it is not SEO (search engine optimization) that is free of pesticides.  Rather, organic SEO refers to processes that lead to being well ranked on search engines naturally.  In this case, the word naturally refers to having keyword optimized content, useful back-links and engaging content that users/readers want to share and would not refer to sponsored links or sneaky tactics to hide keywords where they don’t belong.

On-Page Optimization: This is a form of SEO that deals with content directly on a given website.  It would entail appropriate use of relevant keywords, title tags (the title of your webpages) and even the name of your URL when applicable.  For instance, if a NYC web designer who works as a freelancer has the website www.hisname.com, he will generate leads based on various SEO strategies and word of mouth.  Someone else with the domain newyorkwebdesigner.com may come up higher in the search results.

Both of these terms are forms of  “White Hat SEO.”  White hat refers to acceptable practices that lead to higher rankings and search results with a human in mind.  In other words, humans see the content and find it relevant and interesting.  There are other practices that manipulate search results through back door channels such as spamming and stuffing meta-tags.

We are open to suggestions for additional web glossary terms so please feel free to share your thoughts.


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