Web Design Glossary #4 – Web Hosting and Server Security

Welcome to week #4 of our web design glossary.  We have really enjoyed your feedback and appreciate the requests we’ve received about which terms to tackle from the perspective of educating clients.  A lot of terminology is thrown around when it comes to professional website design and some of the glossaries are written for people who are fully immersed in the field.  Today’s post deals with web hosting and server security; two very important concepts to consider when making informed choices about web design.

Web Hosting – This refers to the offering of space on a server for a website, thereby making it accessible to people via the web.  Depending on the size and scale of the website, they may need more or less space so there are a variety of options for hosting that connect a website to the internet.  Some of the options include: shared hosting (aka Virtual hosting), dedicated hosting, VPS and cloud hosting.  Your website developer can advise you on this process in order to determine which hosting option offers the greatest speed for the weight of your site taking into account your needs for security.

Server Security – This refers to the level of protection from 3rd party tampering or hacking.  Specifically, it often involves the encryption (and decryption) of content so that it is harder to extract sensitive information off of a server.  Some notable security breaches from 2012 were Yahoo, Google and Apple.  It is our opinion that the firewall has just as much to do with server security than the type of hosting.  There is some disagreement amongst website companies about the best action plan to yield the greatest level of server security but it’s important to note that regardless of the route taken, consumer behavior plays a large role in how secure their information is.


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