Web Design Glossary #1: Font and Typography

Font and Typography Definitions for Web Design

Welcome to the first post in our Web Design Glossary series.  Many of the terms we use have specific meaning when applied to professional website design.   In order to help our clients understand the terminology and how it may be used for our purposes, we have put together this glossary which will be regularly updated with new terms.

Today’s post will focus on “Font” and “Typography.”

Font:  For digital purposes, a font refers to the size (weight & width) and style of a specific typeface.  With regard to web design, there are unique font considerations for a body of text, heading or infographics.

Typography:  This refers to the art of arranging and designing type.  In the pre-digital age, typography was related to consistency of print and required a high degree of specialization/training.  As graphic designers began to incorporate digital typography elements, the manipulation of font styles now has a great range of possibilities for the web.  For  more on typography, please refer to our 2012 blog post “3 Simple Rules for Typography in Web Design.”

Jesse Case, Creative Director for Skygate Media, had this to say about font and typography:

“Typography allows for a visual introduction to the mood or feeling that is to follow. The psychological impact is determined by character style, font size, spacing, leading and kerning which creates the style and atmosphere around the message. The imprint on the readers is surely felt deeper and stronger as a result.”


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