The Do’s & Don’t’s of Top Website Designs

Are You Doing Something Wrong?

What do the top website designs have in common? They probably have the right content in the right places with the right graphics.

Here are a few website design do’s and don’ts that Skygate would suggest when creating a website:

Website Design Do’s

• Create a captivating website design, something that wows both from a graphical and educational point of view
• Choose the appropriate color scheme
• Use minimal colors
• Use the right fonts and sizes
• Create clean and user-friendly layouts
• Make web pages easy to scan
• Make white space your best friend
• Make sure navigation is set up properly
• Optimize your web page load times
• Make your website mobile-friendly
• Create a call to action on each page
• Ask for visitor feedback

Website Design Don’ts

• Blinking animations
• Blinking text
• Text that is too tiny to read
• Paragraphs typed in all bold font
• Text written in italic or all caps
• Graphics without alt labels
• Websites with page counters
• Under construction pages
• Linking web pages to themselves
• Place irrelevant ads on your page
• Oversized photos that take up half the web page
• Enormous graphic files that take a long time to load
• Distracting background designs that make it difficult to read

There you have it – web design dos and don’ts from Skygate.



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Wilks Enterprise had a website packed full of dry technical information and it was difficult for the first time visitor to navigate. Skygate Media brought our look up to the 21st century and helped create a navigation platform that is much more user friendly. We are very pleased with the look, content and navigation of our new website.

Sandy R., CEO, Wilks Enterprise

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