Weekly Tip #1 for Using Pinterest to Promote Your Brand

Tip #1 for Using Pinterest to Promote Your Business

As an online marketing firm, we often hear our clients grumble about the amount of social media presence that is required to be effective.  Businesses have, in some cases, acquired staff to help them create posts that are strategically designed to generate comments, likes, re-tweets, etc.  Of all the platforms, however, Pinterest requires a unique approach that absolutely requires creative branding.

Tip #1.  Catch my Eye

We realize that not every business is a website design company like ours so eye-catching visuals might not be something you have ever needed to think about.  Some of our clients have made the common mistake of flooding Pinterest with images that do not engage users.  Other social media platforms allow for a bit more balance between quality and quantity, however, in the world of visual boards, it’s important not to overlook the visual component.  Do the “pinners” of the world want to see conference room photos of CEO’s shaking hands?  Well, not necessarily.  What you can do without a lot of time spent is add some creative text.  Maybe the right “call to action” to get people’s attention, a statistic about your company that helps to sell the product or service, or a survey.  With the popularity of filters such as instagram, that photo can be jazzed up to appear more artistic and match your current branding theme.

Check back next week for Tip #2 “Know Your Brand.”


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