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Tip #1 for Using Pinterest to Promote Your Business

We are delighted with the positive feedback we’ve received from last week’s post on how to create eye catching and effective pins, and we hope that you find this next tip just as useful.  As an online marketing firm, we know the importance of delivering consistent corporate messages and have assisted many of our clients in doing so.  Pinterest is a new and effective way of delivering these messages but many companies make the mistake of flooding their boards with content that bears little to no relationship to their brand.  The end result can be somewhat disjointed.  Unlike other social media platforms that seem more focused on quantity over quality, this is not really the case with a visual based tool.

If you read our blog, you know how our team never tires of enforcing this point.  Webpage design requires a close relationship with brand identity so we can be sure that we are delivering the right message to the right people.  This will help you, since it will serve as the benchmark for your pinterest material.  Hold it against your company’s professional website design and see if it’s a good fit.  The following is an over-used example, but one that really works here.  If your business were a celebrity, who would it be?  Are you flashy and controversial? Are you America’s sweetheart with a warm smile?  Are you youthful, playful and un-afraid?  Or, lastly, maybe your business is the wise sage with quick wit.

As you learn to create an overall tone and strategy for your posts, you can send messages about your company that are consistent and tie in with your product or services.  If this proves an impossible task (translating complex messages into simplified visual boards), it is worth analyzing whether Pinterest is really necessary for your company.  It is not, necessarily, a given that every business needs to have an account.

Be sure to check last week’s tip on using Pinterest to promote your brand and check back next week for tip #3.


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