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Our Creative Director's Summer Toy

Our Creative Director’s Summer Toy


When he is not in the concrete jungle during the hot summer seeking the next idea for their web design client, he is probably getting some breeze with his CB360 in downtown South Norwalk CT.

Being born from a family of designers, Skygate Media’s creative director returned to his interests in design, after pursuing a career in finance that he later disengaged himself from fairly quickly.

A little history..

In 2005, the small team that was to become Skygate Media created a 3D logo and along with a few animation clients, Skygate Media was established. Not too long after its door was opened, an influx of web design and development requests came through from various angles and his team decided to turn their animation boutique into a full service web design studio.

When you see someone with a messenger bag on a hot bike, he is probably picking up brain food and snacks for his team in town, and he is probably the Creative Director of Skygate Media.

Their love for design doesn’t only stay in the studio, it is always around them. The Honda CB360 Cafe Racer is his newest toy edition for the extension of his love for “great looking things”.

Check out our next blog post and find out a few of our favorite places in the historic South Norwalk where you can find us mostly during the summer!


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