Why Using the Best Web Designers Makes a Huge Difference to Web Businesses

The Best Web DesignersThe first domain name ever, Symbolics.com, was registered in 1985, the same year that the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Waterson debuted. Since those extremely early days of the internet, things have changed considerably. Arguably, the modern version of the web really took off in 1995. Both Echo Bay, now known as eBay, and Amazon premiered their sites in that year, helping to give birth to the internet as a viable medium for business.

Now, according to Internet World Stats, 34.3% of the global population uses the internet for work, study, and play. As eMarketer writes, online sales surpassed $1 trillion for the first time in 2012. Now more than ever, the internet is a crucial tool for businesses looking to make it. Two important factors in successful internet-age business are SEO copy writing and quality web design.

SEO Content Writing Tips

The best web design blogs and web design companies realize the importance of creating content that is not only interesting for readers but content that is also attractive to search engines looking to list and rank your content. By doing keyword research for SEO, the best web design blogs are able to organically get their content in front of web users. After all, 93% of online experiences now begin with a search engine, according to Search Engine Journal. Further, as Search Engine Land points out, 80% of web users completely ignore sponsored ads, preferring to click on the top organically ranked links. By focusing on content and effective keywords, the best web design blogs make themselves visible.

Great Web Designs for All Platforms

Did you know, according to NBC News, that 68% of mobile users say that a website loading too slowly is a huge turnoff for them? Bringing the problem to the whole of web consumers, 23% of unhappy web shoppers blame their dissatisfaction on the slow load times of webpages. For this reason, 40% of online shoppers abandon webpages that take longer than three seconds to load.

The best web design blogs understand what is at stake with ineffective web design. For instance, if eCommerce can generate a page $100,000 per day, then a delay of one-second in a page’s loading speed equals more than $2.5 million of sales lost throughout the year.

Why This Matters

If your company is not taking advantage of the best modern practices in web designing tips that the best web design blogs utilize, then you are going to miss out on a lot of opportunity. Consider, according to Mobile Joomla, that a page’s bounce rate jumps to 100% when it takes four seconds or longer to load. Four seconds is all it takes for you to lose potential customers and revenue.

If you want to be successful on the web, start paying attention to the tips offered by the best web design blogs. If you do not have the resources to competently do SEO web design in house, then find a reputable company who can do it for you. After all, this is your business we are talking about.


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