Why You Need to Follow Web Design Trends to Please the Mobile Market

web design trendsAs Forbes writes, high quality web site design remains crucial to a successful web marketing campaign. As in the past, web development and design is the lens through which your customers view everything on your webpage. Great design can elevate your blog content, and it can make your brand more memorable, driving return visitors to your page. However, as the best web designers know, the web design trends of the past are no longer enough to help your business find success in the Internet Age. Responsive web design is the key to effective online marketing in 2014 and beyond.

What is Responsive Web Design?
Responsive web design, also called adaptive design, is a design principle which states that a website should adapt to its users habits and viewing platforms. In other words, responsive websites reformat and adapt themselves to be attractive and usable to all web users, whether they’re browsing the internet on their smartphone or from their desktop PC.

With the rise of the mobile market, responsive web design is the only way to build a great website. Why? Quite simply, mobile users refuse to use a webpage that doesn’t work properly on their favorite device. In fact, according to statistics from Kiss Metrics, 44% of mobile users will permanently abandon your website if it takes too long to load or is otherwise unresponsive. Over 60% of the American population uses a smartphone or tablet. Imagine how much business you’ll lose when they give you the cold shoulder.

Aren’t Mobile Websites Good Enough?
Before the advent of adaptive design, businesses would build two separate websites for the mobile and desktop markets. While that worked for a while, the fact that mobile specific websites, often referred to as the mobile web, are often hard to use and of lower aesthetic quality is no longer acceptable to a community of mobile users who expect high quality, navigable websites, and immediate gratification. Subsequently, as Web Design Ledger writes, the biggest of all web design trends in 2014 is the death of the mobile web and the move to responsive design.

Three Simple Responsive Design Tips
If you want to be ready when mobile commerce eclipses $113 billion in annual sales in 2017, as estimated by Forbes, you need to start focusing on adaptive design. Here are a few simple tips to get you started:

  • Keep it simple
    Nothing sinks a responsive page like a laggy loading time and cluttered design.
  • Make everything responsive
    If your webpage adjusts to its viewing platform but your photos don’t, it’s going to defeat the purpose.
  • Don’t feel like you have to do it yourself
    Wasting time and money trying to build a page yourself when you don’t have the knowhow isn’t going to help anyone. Reach out to the pros.


Remember, while responsive design is just one of many web design trends this year, it’s not like the mobile market is going to cease to exist when 2015 comes around. Tap into these tips, make responsive design a priority, and you’ll not only succeed in 2014 but for many years to come.


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