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Working at a web consultancy company there are work processes that we’ve seen grow over time in order to make the team more efficient. One of the most important is website wireframing.

What is a website wireframe?

A website wireframe is the basic structure of the website. It does not have any functionality or design it’s the basic concept of the layout and works as a guideline for the designer.  The wireframe must incorporate all important information keeping the page structure clean and accessible.

Why work with wireframes?

Think of a website as a person where the wireframe is the skeleton. The skeleton alone does not do anything, it can’t even hold itself up, it needs muscles for that. That’s where the design comes into action.  But a skeleton and muscles alone don’t do anything without a heart and a brain – that’s the development part.

A website wireframe must include all the non design elements that will show on the page. For example if the content is a text article you should define the title, article information like author, date, category, and body text to work as guideline for the designer.

Wireframing will allow the project to run smother and easier from the design and development point of view by reducing the process to simple and quick question-answer issues.  This is highly recommended by the  Skygate team.

Got new web design ideas for your business website or personal blog?  Take any wall of your office, start building a site map (tree) with post-its.  Remember, “Home” is the top of the tree.

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