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Website Maintenance Service Packages

When you are too busy

Reserve Skygate Media’s talents and resources for your online application and design needs.  Skygate Web Maintenance program is an efficient way to utilize our team and talent to supplement your group.  Our maintenance team devotes to your tasks and completes your requests quickly.

“Freshness” is one of the very important reasons for success in today’s internet world. Skygate Media offers monthly website maintenance service for keeping your websites fresh, accurate and working well. Website maintenance is key to the ongoing success of your website.

In House Talents:

Graphic Artists, Web Designers, Coders/Developers, Audio Engineering

Web Maintenance:

Website Updates, Bugs/ Application Issues, Module Design, Flash Animation, CMS Q&As, Site Strategy, Database Administration

Online Marketing:

SEO (research & implementation), Newsletter Design, RSS Feeds, Promotional Materials, Ranking Report, Research & Management.

Get Started

Skygate Media offers different web maintenance plans geared towards the needs of your website. Chat with our team to discuss the most suitable plan for you or receive a complimentary site analysis.