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Website Redesign Services

Design a Better Website, Not Just a Bigger One.

To compete in today’s search engine race, many business owners think more (content) is better.  Many come to us and ask for a mini-wikipedia site rebuild for their business – adding a blog, a glossary, a news section, basically a new page for any and every thing.  They are good ideas, however, improving brand popularity and site traffic requires a better look as well.

Effective and stimulating online presentations are Skygate Media’s talent. We specialize in website redesign – corporate interactive makeovers.

Graphics in motion – with our expertise in the technology of Flash, 3Ds Max, Adobe AfterEffects and AutoDesk, website animation transforms a static html webpage into an engaging online experience with rich multimedia elements. In many cases, a successful brand image is re-built with this powerful support.

Skygate Media uses flash and 3D modeling technologies as an effective visual communication tool to promote New York Yankee’s Memorabilia.

Skygate Media’s Website Redesign services are not limited to external beauty. As a skilled web redesign company, we’re able to design and create CMS (content management solutions) and convert quiet HTML websites to content-dynamic PHP websites. CMS, a customized web application for organizing web content without coding knowledge, enables our clients to effectively communicate with their target audiences and to maximize the potentials of their online business operation by conveniently updating their website with fresh information.

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Skygate Media offers different programs geared towards the needs of your website. A 3-week project offers a peace of mind solution.  We help target your very specific demographic markets.  Our clients are nationwide and we assist their business to achieve online success and gain market share.  Receive a complimentary site analysis.